Watch the world with open eyes

It is a matter of scope, after all.
After Westminster, people called me to check if I was fine, even if I live a considerable distance away.
But I live in Peckham, a London zone known to be amongst the highest in crime rate.
Just yesterday, one person was stabbed (alongside with another, who ran away) two blocks from my house. Seems the person made it through at the hospital. It didn’t make the big news. No one is going to ask if random violence affected me.
It did, it does. Anywhere and everywhere. It’s not a matter of distance, not of personal danger, not even of “security”. I just don’t want people to get killed, it’s that simple.
It does help me to point out that life is also chaotic, and violent, and that there is not a grander scheme of things behind it until we prove otherwise. We’d like to, it would be easy, like a game: “us” and “them”, good and evil. We’d also like to know everything about everybody; that’s the secret behind the success of reality shows and video surveillance. We’d like life to make sense, but it doesn’t. Life is just everything happening around you, and knowing all the reasons why is not going to help you.
I live in a violent place called Earth, which is getting less and less violent, while it’s getting more self-aware. We are trying to solve everything, and if it is possible we will, even if it takes millennia, even if we have to start over, or endure cataclysm and war.
A matter of scope.

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